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What is The Brooklynne Communities?

The Brooklynne Community is a Social Commerce Engagement Network of Brooklyn Related Entrepreneurs, Brands & Celebrities that are now based in Brooklyn or located in the NYC Area, DMV Area, Atlanta, Miami, Houston, Chicago , Detroit,  LA, Oakland or anywhere in the World

We aim to be the  easiest way for Urban Based Brands, Groups & People to share experiences, skills, content, tips, stories and events.

We want all Urban Businesses, Artists, Activists, Community Leaders, Media Co's, Publishers & Entrepreneurs can Join Us & Contribute their Story and Contents so Brooklynne Networks can be a helpful social marketing and publishing tool for your Causes, Comments, Opinions, Questions Polls and Meet Ups.

Also Support us, as we manage & develop urban based P2P marketplaces, social communities, local crowd funding services, Outcome Based B4B as a Service Platforms, Event Registration and Ticketing Services for the under served Urban Areas all over the world.

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